Orientation for New International Students

For New International Students of NU-Autumn 2023

Please check all of the orientation materials for new international students of NU as follows before enrollment.
In addition, please also see "Pre-Arrival" page for the detailed flow about the preparations that you need to do from now to enroll.

All of new international students are required to take a quiz on the orientation through the university system called "TACT" within 14 days after enrollment. Search for "Orientation for New International Students" on TACT and take the quiz (both part 1 and part 2).
Take the quiz! 

Orientation Videos and Materials

*If you are not able to watch YouTube videos above, please check here instead.

  1. Health Consultation
  2. Harassment Consultation Center
  3. Intercultural Exchange Activities
  4. Culture Shock and Cross-Cultural Adjustment
  5. Student Groups of Nagoya University
  6. Coffee Hour
  7. NUFSA - Nagoya University International Student Association
  8. NU Help Desk
  9. ACE - Nagoya University Action group for Cross cultural Exchange
  10. Clubs and Circles
  11. Career Support Center (See here for information on this year's event.)
  12. Ability Support Center
  13. Guide to Nagoya University Central Library
  14. Nagoya University Central Library's Support Desk for academic support, and Guidance Programs
  15. Japan IR&C 24-Hour Emergency Response Support Service

Living in Japan

See this page for the rules of living in Japan. Especially, please note that the drinking and smoking age in Japan is 20 years old.
In addition, Japan is a country prone many natural disasters, so it is very important to prepare for them.


Inquiry / Support Desk

On Campus:

About classes and courses / Campus life International Student Advisors or Student Affairs Division of your school
Any worries Student Support,
Glabal Engagement Center Support Team (appointment only)
Consultation on job-hunting or career Career Support Center,
Doctoral Student Career Development
Health consultation Health Administration Office
Reasonable accommodation Ability Support Center


Ambulance TEL:119
This number is both used for requesting an ambulance and fire engines (shobo-sha).
If you need an ambulance on campus, please contact the Student Affairs Division of your school first.
Japan IR&C 24-Hour Emergency Response Support Service In the event of an emergency, such as an accident, incident, or sudden health problem, you can receive advice and support by telephone or email. The service is available in Japanese, English and Chinese.
Toll-free: 0120-119-075
E-mail: CS-inb@i-rac.co.jp (for non-urgent consultations)
※We recommend that you take a screenshot this card for emergency.
Police TEL:110
In case of an accident, incident, or encounter with a suspicious person.