To Admitted International Students entering Japan

Congratulations on your admission to Nagoya University! All of us at Nagoya University welcome you and wish to support you so that you will have a fulfilling experience at our university, both on and off- campus.

Before you begin your student life here, you will need to prepare for various procedures. In this section, you can find details on the necessary immigration procedures related to current border control measures for COVID-19 in Japan. Please read through the following information and prepare the documents required upon your arrival. For other general information about immigration procedures, see Pre-Arrival page.

Japanese Government Border Control Measures for COVID-19

Currently, the following procedures are required for foreign travelers entering Japan for the first time. These measures may change depending on the state of the spread of COVID-19, therefore, we ask you to stay up to date with the latest information before entering Japan. You can find the latest information on Japan’s border control measures here.

Valid Vaccination Certificate Visit Japan Web Pre-departure Test On-arrival Test Isolation
Those who have a certificate Required NOT Required None None
Those who do not have a certificate Required

  1. Preparing the Necessary Documents: Valid vaccination certificate or valid negative test certificate issued by a medical institution taken within 72 hours of departure
    For more about valid vaccination certificates, see here.
    For more about valid negative test certificates issued by a medical institution taken within 72 hours of departure, see here.
  2. Register on the online immigration service "Visit Japan Web"
    This service allows effortless processing on the day of your arrival by submitting the above vaccination certificate, negative test certificate, etc. in advance online. Be sure to register with Visit Japan Web.
  3. Familiarize yourself with how to manage your health after entering Japan
    You will receive a health check sheet from your school/graduate school. Please use it to keep a record of your health condition for 7 days after your arrival. (Count the NEXT day of arrival in Japan as Day 1.)
    You do not have to submit the sheet to the university, however, you may be asked to do so if you are found to be positive for COVID-19 after entering Japan.
    Furthermore, you must avoid any activities that may result in close contact with others for 7 days after your arrival. Examples of close contact are as follows:
    • Physical contact such as direct touching with hands
    • Talking for more than 15 minutes without a mask at a distance of within 1 meter
    • Talking for more than 15 minutes at a distance close enough to brush sleeves, even if a mask is worn
    • Dining with others in a location without anti-infection measures in place, such as partitions
    • Riding in a car with someone

Other Notes on Entering Japan

You will be contacted by your school/graduate school with information about when you should arrive, so please decide when to travel to Japan based on this information. You will need to decide the date of your arrival based on, for example, the timing of your move in to the university dormitory, so please keep in touch with the person in charge at your school/graduate school.

Entrants are, in principle, not required to have an on-site COVID-19 test at the airport and are not required to quarantine after arrival. However, those entering Japan with suspected symptoms of COVID-19 infection will be tested upon arrival. Those who test positive will be required to quarantine at a designated quarantine facility as indicated by the head of the quarantine station.

Currently, due to the increased number of passengers entering Japan, quarantine procedures at the airport may take more time than expected depending on the time of arrival.
Entrants are responsible for any extra costs incurred in the case of missing any public transportation reserved in advance because of quarantine procedures, etc. after arrival.
For those arriving in the evening or later, please plan in case of delays, such as making a reservation for staying a night near the airport.