To Admitted International Students entering Japan

Congratulations on your admission to Nagoya University! All of us at Nagoya University welcome you and wish to support you so that you will have a fulfilling experience at our university, both on and off- campus.

Before you begin your student life here, you will need to prepare for various procedures. In this section, you can find details on the necessary immigration procedures in Japan. Please read through the following information and prepare requirments upon your arrival. For other general information about immigration procedures, see Pre-Arrival page.

Japanese Government Border Control Measures for COVID-19

Currently, those who traveling from other countries are not required to present a valid certificate of vaccination or testing for COVID-19 when entering Japan.
The border control measures are subject to change, so please be advised to look at the website carefully for the latest information.
After arrival in Japan, please keep watching your health condition. If you have any concerns, you might be able to seek medical advice at the University Health Administration Office or local clinics near your place. Please see here for more information on medical services available.

Other Notes on Entering Japan

You will be contacted by your school/graduate school with information about when you should arrive, so please decide when to travel to Japan based on this information. You will need to decide the date of your arrival based on, for example, the timing of your move in to the university dormitory, so please keep in touch with the person in charge at your school/graduate school.