Arriving at the airport

At the airport

At Tokyo (Narita and Haneda), Osaka (Kansai) or Nagoya (Chubu) airport etc., you will have "landing permission" seal (Immigration Stamp) on your passport and a Residence Card, so you should confirm the information on the card on the spot and if there are any errors such as spelling mistake of your name, notify them immediately.
The Residence Card is your official ID during your stay in Japan, so make sure to carry the card with you at all times.

Foreign currency exchange

Foreign currencies can be exchanged at most of international airports, banks and post offices in Nagoya. Before visiting there, you should check their business hours and whether they handle your home country currency. Since banks and post offices usually close early in the morning and late in the evening in most cases, it is better to exchange your home country currency for 20,000-30,000 yen (for transportation fees, food expenses, accommodation expenses etc.) at the airport you arrive in Japan.

Exchange currency at the Centrair International Airport

There is a branch of several Bank at Centrair International Airport where you can change currency (major currencies).
Currency Exchange at centrair

Courier Service

Almost all airports in Japan have a courier service (宅配便/Takuhaibin) which can deliver luggage directly to where you stay. The cost is about 2,000 yen for an average-sized suitcase. It takes 2-3 days to deliver, so make sure you have the items that you need soon after arriving with you.