Procedures at the Ward Offices

Registration Procedure Guide at Ward Office

Here is the registration procedure guide at the ward office (AY2023) which described in the next section. Please check and use this guide for your paperwork.

At the Ward Office of your place of residence

All foreign nationals intending to stay in Japan for longer than 3 months must register their place of residence in Japan at the ward office of their place of residence within 14 days of moving in.

What to bring:

Residence Registration (at Citizens Division)

Visit the ward office where you live and notify them of your place of residence.

Application for National Health Insurance (at Health Insurance & Pension Division)

Apply for National Health Insurance (compulsory). Make a note of your name as written in KATAKANA, as that will be used for all future administrative procedures.
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Application for National Pension System (at Health Insurance & Pension Division)

International students who are 20 years old or older must enroll in the National Pension System. Please apply for an exemption from pension payments at the same time as when you enroll. At the same time as enrolling in the National Pension System, Degree-seeking students should apply for a "Special Payment System for Students (Gakusei Nofu Tokurei)" and Non-Degree-seeking student should apply for a "National Pension Contribution Exemption / Payment Postponement (Nofu Menjo)".
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Ward Offices

Dormitories Ward Offices
International Residence Higashiyama Chikusa Ward Office (Temporary Office)
International Ohmeikan Showa Ward Office
International Residence Yamate North and South Showa Ward Office
Ishida Memorial International Residence Myoken Showa Ward Office
International Residence Daiko Higashi Ward Office