Residence Status

Extension of Period of Stay

If you wish to continue your stay in Japan after the current period of stay, you must apply for an extension at the Immigration Bureau or online. Applications are accepted 3 months before the end of the period of stay.
Application for Extension for Period of Stay (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)
Online procedures for residence application (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

Application for a Part-time Work Permit

It is not permitted to work when on a "Student" resident status. International students who wish to work on a parttime basis in order to supplement their academic fees and other essential expenses are required to apply for a part-time work permit. International students who work without a work permit and those who fail to follow the regulations pertaining to the permit will be fined, and in some cases, subjected to forced deportation. Please be extra careful. The maximum hours of work a student with a Part-Time Work Permit can undertake are limited to 28 hours per week. During long holidays, students with Part-Time Work Permits may work up to 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week.
Application for Permission to Engage in Activity Other Than That Permitted under the Status of Residence previously Granted (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

Please check "Part-time job" page to see more information about part-time job.

Temporary leave and Re-entry

(1) Temporary leave
Please follow the procedure below so that the University can contact each student in case of emergency.

  1. Get approval of your academic supervisor.
  2. Fill in the Nagoya University Overseas Travel Database. Nagoya University ID and pass word are required.
  3. Print out the document and obtain the signature and seal of your academic supervisor.
  4. Submit the document to the office of your school.

(2) Re-entry permission
You are not required to apply for a re-entry permit, if you have a valid passport and a Residence Card and will be re-entering Japan within one year of your departure to continue your activities (This is called a special re-entry permit).
When you leave Japan with a special re-entry permit, you cannot extend your period of stay outside of Japan. If your period of stay expires within one year after your departure, please ensure that you re-enter Japan before the expiration of your period of stay.
If you stay overseas for more than one year, you will be required to apply for a re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau before your departure.
Application for Re-entry Permission (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

Change of Status of Residence

At the end of your program at Nagoya University (graduation, completion, withdrawal, withdrawal with all but dissertation, expulsion, etc.), even if your "student" resident status period is still valid, you must either leave Japan immediately or change your resident status. Having graduated or completed your program, you are no longer participating in "student" activities.
The Immigration Bureau reserves the right to "revoke the resident status" of persons who are engaging in activities not covered by their resident status. If your resident status is revoked, you will be regarded as an illegal resident and will be subject to detention and deportation.
Application for Change of Status of Residence (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

(1)"Designated Activities" for continuing job-hunting activities
This status is for the purpose of students to continue job-hunting activities after graduation or completion of their program. Students who have not been participating in job-hunting activities and Non-Degree-Seeking students are not eligible to apply for this status. The period of stay is 6 months and one extension is permitted. It is possible to stay in Japan for 1 year for job hunting.
Moreover, the university must issue a letter of recommendation evaluating the student’s accomplishments during job-hunting activities. Therefore, the university cannot recommend students who have not demonstrated any results during their job-hunting activities. You will be asked to submit documents verifying your continued job-hunting activities.
Do not delete or throw away emails and screening result documents from companies you have applied. Students who apply for the "Designated Activities" resident status with the letter of recommendation from the university may still be denied by the Immigration Bureau. Please apply for your letter of recommendation by the deadline set by each department.
For those who wish to stay for job hunting after graduating from university etc. (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

(2)"Designated Activities" for prospective employees
International students who have received a job offer while they are in a university, or while continuing their job-hunting activities after graduating from a university, are eligible to change the residence status to "Designated Activities" to stay in Japan until the time of employment. Please contact the company on the application procedures which you have been offered a job.
For those who have been offered a job while attending university or after graduation and would like to stay until they are hired (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

(3)"Designated Activities" for those who go on to graduate school after graduation
International students who have accepted to go on to a graduate school after graduating from a university may stay in Japan under the status of "Designated Activities" until they enroll the graduate school (within 1 year only). A written pledge issued by the graduate school which the applicant plans to enroll is required for application.
Regarding the residence status of international students who proceed to graduate school after graduating from university (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

*If you have not accepted to a graduate school yet at the time of graduation and wish to continue to stay in Japan after graduation in order to take an entrance exam to a graduate school, you may be granted "Temporary Visitor" status of residence. (Maximum stay is 90 days, a return flight ticket must be prepared.)
Status of residence "Temporary stay" (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

(4)"Designated Activities" for continuing entrepreneurial activities after graduation
International students who have been engaged in entrepreneurial activities while in a university and wish to continue after graduation may stay in Japan under the status of "Designated Activities". (Maximum period of stay is 2 years)
Those who wish to start a business after graduating from a university that is actively working to accept excellent international students in Japan (Immigration Services Agency of Japan website)

Leave of Absence

While on a leave of absence, your "College Student" status of residence will in principal no longer apply, and you will be unable to remain in Japan because you are not currently engaged in "student" activities. Therefore, please return to your home country temporarily.

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