Support for life in Japan

The Nagoya University International Student Support Association (Ryugakusei Koenkai)

Even students who are careful with their finances may find that, due to unforeseen circumstances, they are in need of money. The following loan services are available to international students under certain conditions.
This association offers a non-interest bearing loan for a maximum of ¥50,000 on the condition that the student returns the full amount within 3 months. If during these 3 months, the student intends to leave Nagoya University permanently, he/she must make the payment before leaving.
Application forms are available at the office of your school and must be submitted to the Student Exchange Division. If the application is submitted by Tuesday, the money will be available on Thursday of the same week.
Contact:Nagoya University Student Exchange Division

International Student Support Association (Japanese only)

Aichi Foreign Student Support Association Emergency Aid

This association offers a grant for a maximum of ¥100,000 to self-financed international students. For further information, contact the international student advisor of your school. (This aid program will end in December 2023.)

Food Pantry for International Students

A non-profit organization, Food Bank Aichi has been working on food support for international students and regularly holding events to distribute food at the following children's cafeterias. Please look at the web form to sign up for one.