Bicycles / Motorbikes

Please note that according to the Road Traffic Act, you have to obligatory make the effort to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.
"Traffic Safety Guidelines for Pedestrians and Cyclists" created by the National Police Agency provides easy-to-understand guidelines of Japanese traffic rules and how to deal with accidents, so please take time to check it.(National Police Agency

When you buy a bicycle in Japan

Commuting to Nagoya University by bicycle

Registration at Higashiyama Campus

Registration is required to commute to Higashiyama campus by bicycle. You have to obtain a "Bicycle Registration Certificate" and put the special sticker to where can be seen clearly such as on a rear fender. Please note that bicycles without the sticker may be removed from campus.
Traffic Control Office (Available in Japanese only)

Registration at Tsurumai Campus / Daiko Campus

Please contact the Student Affairs Division of your school.

Traffic Signs

Watch out for and obey all signs on the roads. The sign of 「止まれ」(Stop!) applies to bicycles, too. Do not ride out blindly onto any roads.
See here for more information on road signs in Japan.

Stop Pedestrian and bicycle-only
Stop Sign Pedestrian and bicycle-only Sign


Be aware of the following when riding a bicycle:

Please refer to the websites below to learn more about basic traffic rules and bicycle safety:
Traffic safety for cyclists (in Japanese only) (Aichi Police)
Traffic (Aichi Prefectural Government Office)

Cars and Motorbikes

Students are strongly discouraged from driving while studying abroad. Newly arrived students, in particular, are not used to Japanese traffic and are at risk of being involved in accidents. In case of an accident, the amount of compensation usually exceeds the individual’s ability to pay the costs, unless covered by an optional insurance.
If intending to drive, be aware of the following: