Tuition and Other Fees

1. Tuition and Other Fees

Student Status Application(¥) Registration(¥) Tuition(¥)
Degree-Seeking Student(undergraduate) 17,000 282,000 535,800 per year
Degree-Seeking Student(graduate) 30,000 282,000 535,800 per year
Research Student, Graduate School Research Student 9,800 84,600 29,700 per month
Special Audit Student, Graduate School Special Audit Student 14,800 per credit0
Special Research Student 29,700 per month
Special Short-Term Training Student 29,700 per month
Japanese Language Training Course Student 9,900 43,500 30,200 per month
Japanese Lang. & Culture Training Course Student 9,800 84,600 29,700 per month
(as of Feb, 2024)

2. Payment of Tuition

Payment is facilitated through direct withdrawal from the specified bank account. To ensure smooth tuition fee transactions, it is crucial to complete the online registration of your bank account well in advance. For detailed instructions on the online registration process, please refer to this website. For degree-seeking students, tuition fees for the spring and fall semesters should be settled in May and November, respectively. The fee amount must be deposited into the bank account by the preceding bank working day of the withdrawal deadline. Non-degree-seeking students should pay tuition per month or per credit.
Japanese Government(MEXT) Scholarship Students are exempted from paying the tuition.

◆Disenrollment due to Non-Payment of Tuition
Students failing to pay tuition by the stipulated deadline will, under certain conditions, be disenrolled at the end of semester.

3. Tuition Exemption

Independently-financed degree-seeking students, who demonstrate excellent academic records and are in need of financial assistance, are eligible to be considered for exemptions from half or the entire tuition. However, as the possibility of obtaining an exemption is minimal, it is advisable to prepare to pay the full tuition. Unless unavoidable circumstances are found to exist, students are not qualified to apply if they have had to repeat a year or have exceeded the minimum duration for their course of study (4 years for BA, 2 for MA, 3 for PhD).
The application period occurs only once a year, usually starting in February or March. Pay close attention to the annual deadline. Exemptions are granted on a per semester basis. Please contact the Tuition Fee Exemption Office, Student Support Division, for further information.

See here for information on Admission/Tuition Fee Exemption.
The administration department will send a message to your THERS accout, so please check the inbox regularly or forward emails to your regular email account.