Grant-type scholarships not only help you support yourself, but also help create an environment in which you can focus on your studies and research in Japan. There are a variety of scholarships, such as the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarships, the Honors Scholarship for Independently-Financed International Students, private scholarships that require a university recommendation, and grant-type (and some loan-type) private scholarships that international students can apply for directly.
For more information, please consult with the Student Affairs Division of your school/graduate school.
You can also find detailed information about scholarships on the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) website.

1. Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho) Scholarships

This scholarship is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). There are three application options: embassy recommendation, university recommendation, and domestic selection. There are two ways to apply from your own country before enrolment: embassy recommendation, where you receive a recommendation from a Japanese embassy or consulate, and university recommendation, where you receive a recommendation from a Japanese university.

2. International Student Scholarship Program (Honors Scholarship: Gakushu Shoreihi)

This scholarship is provided by the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO). It is granted to privately-financed international students who demonstrate outstanding academic and personal achievements and who face financial difficulties in pursue their education with recommendation from a university.
Scholarship amount: 48,000 JPY per month
See here for more information.

3. Nagoya University's Research Support Projects (Doctoral Courses)

Nagoya University established "Nagoya University interdisciplinary Frontier Fellowship" and "THERS Interdisciplinary Frontier Next Generation Researcher" for support both the livelihood and the research of students who lead knowledge-based society.
Through this project, we expect that Ph.D. students focus on their resarch during the three years of the doctoral program without financial worries and will demonstrate their wide-ranging faculties cultivated through the project in industry and international community after obtaining their degree.
We aim to foster doctoral human resources who can advance the interdisciplinary frontier, create future knowledge, implement it in society, and play an active role globally by creating an academic environment for collaborative research by students from variety research fields.
* If you are considering applying for a private scholarship, please be sure to comfirm with the scholarship foundation in advance, as many scholarship foundations prohibit receiving both its scholarship and this project's financial support at the same time.

See here for videos of the research by Ph.D. students.

4.Private Scholarships for Independently-Financed International Students

Private Scholarships are largely divided into two types: scholarships requiring a university recommendation and scholarships where international students can directly apply to the scholarship foundation.

Scholarships requiring a university recommendation:

Nagoya University has approximately 70 grant-type scholarships for which candidates are selected and recommended by Nagoya University. The scholarship amounts range from 15,000 yen to 200,000 yen per month, and the periods range from 1 year to the minimum years of study.
For "scholarships requiring a university recommendation", scholarship foundations directly ask universities for recommendations, so each school/graduate school select its own candidates. If you are interested, please contact the Student Affairs Division of your school/graduate school for further information.

Direct-applying scholarships:

The following list shows scholarships which you can apply directly. Please note the points below when applying:

* When you apply for a scholarship, please report to the Student Affairs Division of your school.

Name of Foundation Application period Requirements
ITO Foundation for International Education Exchange October Master's student
INOAC International Education and Scholarship Foundation October None
THE IWATANI NAOJI FOUNDATION December Graduate student
Designated nationalities
Designated Research Areas
Ushio Inc. April Graduate student
Otsuka Toshimi Scholarship Foundation March-April Designated research areas
Sato Yo International Scholarship Foundation Spring:Dec
Second or higher grader(B)
Graduate student
Designated nationalities
SEIHOU Scholarship Foundation April Second or higher grader(B)
The Frances & Sachio Semmoto Foundation June-Aug Second or third grader(B)
Designated nationalities
Dong Hua Educational and Cultural Exchange Foundation November Third or higher grader(B)
Graduate student
Chinese (include:Taiwanese, Hong Konger and Macanese)
The Tokyu Foundation September Graduate student
Designated nationalities
Tokushukai Scholarship Foundation Oct-Nov JLPT N2 or higher
Nitori International Scholarship Foundation First half:July-Nov
Second half:Jan-May
JLPT N3 or higher
Major: Natural science
Taiwan Exchange Association Aug-Oct Graduate student
Fourth grader(B), etc.
Baroque Murai Hiroyuki Foundation April-May None
Hattori International Scholarship Foundation Spring:March
B: Under 25 y/o
M: Under 32 y/o, D: Under 35 y/o
Park Yong Koo Scholarship Foundation October Taiwanese
GPA3.5 or higher
Honjo International Scholarship Foundation Spring:Sep-Oct
Mabuchi International Scholarship Foundation Mar-April First or second grader(B)
Designated nationalities: Asian countries
JLPT N2 or higher
More Jobs Better Lives Foundation Inc. 4 times/a year
*Check the website for more details.
Designated nationalities
Designated research areas