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Student Support

Students Support offers various consultation services for worries and issue in campus life for all students.
Student Support Website

  1. Student Counseling Center provides consultation, counseling, psychiatric examination/treatment and group activities, consultation for faculty/staff and parents/guardians as well as inclusive learning programs to promote social adjustment.
  2. Career Support Center provides consultations and counseling regarding career-path selection.
  3. Ability Support Center provides learning support for students with physical, mental and developmental disabilities/disorders etc.

General Inquires

*For the issues relevant to international students like cultural adjustment, consultation services are available in the international student advising office of each school, and also in the Global Engagement Center Support Team.

Global Engagement Center Support Team

For Requesting Special Assistance for Students with Disabilities

Nagoya University provides support for the international students with physical, mental and developmental disabilities so that they can make the most of their educational opportunities and enrich their student life. Please contact the office if you feel difficulty or uneasiness due to any disabilities such as physical, mental, or developmental disabilities.

Student Support, Ability Support Center
Open:10:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, Excluding holidays


Nagoya University has establishd the Harassment Consultation Center to prevent and eliminate the occurrence of all kinds of harassment, including sexual harassment and academic harassment. Professional counselors deal with inquiries with the utmost respect for their clients' feelings and wishes. If the client wishes, claims will be referred to the Committee for the Prevention of Harassment for investigation and arbitration. The Harassment Consultation Center works on issues of any degree of gravity. If you observe someone suffering from any kind of harassment, you may also come and report the case. In addition to the Harassment Consultation Center, each School at Nagoya University has appointed a faculty member as contact person (cf. see below). For English language consultation, you may visit the representative at the Global Engagement Center. Earlier consultation will prevent the situation from getting serious. All consultation will be kept strictly confidential.

Nagoya University Harassment Consultation Center
(Appointments by fax or E-mail)
Open:9:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, Excluding holidays

Contact persons at each School and Global Engagement Center (in Japanese)

LGBT and other sexualities

Nagoya University is also responsible for ensuring that members with different sexual orientations, gender identities and gender expressions, including LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and other sexualities), are respected. The university creates educational/research/work environments whereby LGBT+ constituents can fully utilize their abilities and actively engage in educational activities to foster greater understanding of diversity regarding sex and gender.

Nagoya University Missions and Guidelines for LGBT+- inclusive Practices

* Nagoya University's Declaration of Principles to Protect the Dignity of Individuals and Respect Diversity
In 2018, we released "Nagoya University's Declaration of Principles to Protect the Dignity of Individuals and Respect Diversity".
With this declaration, Nagoya University is committed to the prosperity and happiness of all members of our campus community and is taking responsibility for eliminating discrimination across research, education, career services, and any other context that might be experienced on the grounds of one’s nationality, ethnicity, language, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, political opinions, social status, or disability.

Comprehensive Consultation Desk for Students, Faculty and Staff Who Have Concerns or Want Help

Comprehensive Consultation Desk is the first stop for any issue of all students, faculty and staff who have concerns or want help. Or if you are not sure who to consult with, also please email the Desk first.
Health Administration Office doctors and staff (who have a duty to protect your confidentiality) will assist and direct you to the appropriate specialized consultation service inside or outside the University.
E-mail address:nandemo(at)

Please see this page for detailed information. (On-campus only. If you have problems to access the webpage, please log in with your thers ID first and try again.)