On-Campus Facilities

Information Media Studies System

The Information Media Studies System is a facility aiming at campus-wide education and research in information and network technology. More than 1,100 desktop and laptop computers are available at workstations called the Main Center Laboratory and 9 Satellite Laboratories.

Facility Venues Main Center Lab and Satellite Labs
Opening Hours Main Center Lab: Mon-Fri (except holidays)
Satellite Labs: Depending on each affiliating department
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How to Use the System To access our server, you will need a NU ID and password issued by the Information Media Studies System through your school of affiliation. The NU ID and password are valid while you are a student at Nagoya University.

For more information on Labs here.

IT Help Desk

IT Help Desk is a one-stop consultation desk for information services on campus. It can help to solve various problems that arise during daily operations and provide the university members with general consultations related to information equipment, network, information security, etc.

Address:Information Technology Center 1F (Information & Communications, Information Promotion Department)
Opening Hours:Mon-Fri 8:30am-5:00pm (except holidays)

Contact:it-helpdesk*icts.nagoya-u.ac.jp (please send an email replacing * with @.)
Or you can contact via our website.
You are welcome to visit the IT Help Desk in person for a consultation. (available only in Japanese)

We have a dedicated support desk "THERS Account Help Center" only for THERS account, MS365 account(using THERS account) and email via THERS account(email account in the format xxx.yyyy@s.mail.nagoya-u.ac.jp).
Please contact us from this inquiry form.


Nagoya University Library consists of Central Library, Medical Library and more than 20 Department Libraries. With your student ID card you can use Libraries. Before visiting those libraries, please check user's guide of each libraries through the websites below.
Nagoya University Library
Central Library
Libraries in Nagoya University

Central Library

Central Library has materials for learning Japanese and basic textbooks as well as books on Japanese culture and other topics for international students. It offers a variety of learning spaces, such as: Learning Commons (movable desks, whiteboards and projectors are available), audio-visual booths, research rooms, NEOREX Pods, seminar rooms, and so on.
PCs connected to the Information Media Studies System and wireless LAN are provided.
At the Support Desk in the Learning Commons, graduate student staff is available in Japanese, Chinese and English to provide support with PC, as well as on conducting research and writing reports.

Sports Facilities

Nagoya University campus has sports facilities such as gymnasiums, swimming pool, and tennis courts, which all of students can use during their free time. (Only lunchtime is available on non-class days such as long vacations.) There are 2 types of application: 1) individual use (no permission required), and 2) group use (application required). For using the facility, please strictly observe "Use of Sports Facilities".

Introduction of Sports Facilities
Application Forms etc. Related to Using Facilities

Contact:Extracurricular Activities Section, Student Support Division
E-mail:shien-kagai[at]t.mail.nagoya-u.ac.jp (Please send an email replacing [at] with @.)

Nagoya University Co-op (Seikyo)

The Co-op runs on the funds of the faculty and students its serves. A wide range of services is offered, including book stores, dining facilities, shops and travel centers.

Members have access to all facilities and services provided by the Co-op, and receive a 10% discount on books (textbooks, magazines, etc.) purchased. International students can apply for membership by going to the Co-op office located on the 1st floor of the Hokubu-kosei-kaikan, filling out a request form, presenting your student ID card and paying a fee of ¥4,000. This fee will be returned to you when you graduate or leave the university with the withdrawal procedure. Members can also purchase "Comprehensive Student Mutual Aid" and "Personal Liability Insurance for Students".
Co-op Office (1F, Hokubu-kosei-kaikan)
Tel:052-781-1111, 7540 (Extention)

Nagoya University Co-op Website (only available in Japanese)
National Federation University Co-operative Associations

Post Office

In addition to the usual functions associated with post offices, the campus Post Office also offers saving services.


Post Office Website

ATMs (Automatic Teller Machines)

There are ATMs in the Campus.